November 26, 2020

The future according to virtual idols and Vtubers

And other lessons from our first Doghouse Live! Discord discussion.
August 20, 2020

Making the case for local stand-up

Figuring out which chords to strike when performing for a culture that loves to laugh.
August 19, 2020

Revisiting and reimagining the bakla in Filipino queer cinema

Exploring Filipino queer cinema seems to involve some time-traveling.
July 8, 2020

Better together: the high-impact power of fandom charity

When done right, fandoms can instigate a culture of altruism and action.
June 15, 2020

Leave your toxic masculinity out of D&D

We’re slaying a mythical beast, and we’d rather not have to deal with real life monsters while we do it.
May 18, 2020

It’s about time we discuss the Barbie Cinematic Universe

Turns out life in plastic is actually fantastic.
May 14, 2020

Oh, ‘Survivor’ is still on? You’re damn right it is

What is it about marooning people on a deserted island that makes for such great TV?
April 13, 2020

How Wattpad inspired a generation of Filipino readers and writers

The app has come a long way since 'She's Dating the Gangster' topped local bestseller lists.
April 13, 2020

The online club is bringing listeners closer than ever

How online gigs and festivals are the new frontier for the scene.