July 21, 2020

‘Little Things’ by One Direction doesn’t make me cry anymore

Am I only a True Fan at 100% emotional investment?
July 17, 2020

Internet friendships transcend continents and fandoms

Came here for the Jonas Brothers, stayed for the lifelong friends.
July 15, 2020

Some of my best quarantine reads were real person fanfiction

A complicated relationship with fictional stories starring my favorite K-pop boys.
July 8, 2020

Better together: the high-impact power of fandom charity

When done right, fandoms can instigate a culture of altruism and action.
June 30, 2020

I’m a queer actor asking for better representation in media

Sounding off on why representation of the queer community in media is delicate and important.
June 26, 2020

Chikon Club tells us about their viral virtual sinigang game

‘Putahe ng Ina Mo: Sinigang Edition’ tests your mastery of one of our favorite Filipino dishes.
June 24, 2020

How ‘Gameboys’ filmed a web series in quarantine

Talking to the cast and director of the local BL webseries that’s gaining traction worldwide.
June 20, 2020

Dream and teleport to elsewheres from your room with RURU

Recommendations from this bedroom beats artist that help you better marinate in isolation. 
June 19, 2020

An illustrated PBB-parody reality show to break your lockdown blues

Big Bahay Bedspacers might just be the immersive online experience we need now.