NCT’s Mark Lee helped me grapple with my self-reinvention


  1. Denisha says:

    This really opened my eyes to a lot of things. This was an amazing read and i’m so happy I stumbled upon it. I actually got emotional because I guess I can relate to you. I dont even want to make this a long story. I’m just grateful. Thank you

  2. papilloca says:

    there are some small things about “stan life” that I feel like I take too deeply. I give meaning to little things and I just feel silly or dramatic for that. But reading this was really comforting, relatable and SO MUCH FUN. I constantly tell myself I need to get my own sh*t together instead of focusing on idols “who have got everything figured out” because it’s easy to be hard on ourselves and to forget there’s a lot about them we don’t see. I got to see Mark in a different light and I’ll appreciate the lyrics he writes even more from now on.