Culture, identity, and #Unstan Alison Roman

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  1. Trish Hejastro says:

    This hit me like a sucker punch to the heart and I’m still reeling from the impact. Cooking is one of my main sources of comfort and thanks to your piece I’m realizing how lucky I am that the first dishes I got to make were Filipino. Maybe we’ve fed ourselves stolen things, but at least now that we know, we can look into it and know who to thank for them?

    Anyway it’s pretty late and my brain said bye-bye hours ago so if that didn’t make sense please just know I loved this so much and hope you’re having a great day🙏🙏

  2. L. says:

    A wonderful, honest, and enlightening read. I particularly liked the reflection on cultural erasure, and how something as innocent as an eagerness to cook new recipes provokes so many layers about identity, history, and the troubling need to reconcile the wounds of colonialism. Thank you for this article!